Game Portfolio

Halcyon Night - A first person exploration puzzle game spread across multiple timelines

Pochemucka - A digital/physical hybrid about communicating in secrecy

Grave Shadows - A third person mystery adventure encouraging creative use of lights, shadows, and evidence

Heat Death of the Universe - A first person platformer where you have to uncover the path forward.

Game Portfolio

I recently graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Game Simulation Arts and Sciences and a BS in Electronic Arts. Contained in this collection are an assortment of games, created both in solo and team environments during my time at RPI. All games presented here can be downloaded and played at

Halcyon Night - My senior thesis, completed over the course of two semesters as a solo development project, is an expression of my skill set, from programming, shader design, and gameplay design to levels, environments, and lighting. Selected for the student competition, RPI Gamefest, 2020.

Pochemuchka - An alternative hybrid game, fusing physical and digital. Pochemuchka (Russian for a child who asks too many questions) pits 2 spies against 3 villagers in a race to identify friend and foe through simple "or" questions related to special keywords. Players must tap out messages to each other using small keypads, sending LED trains around the board. Trains can be intercepted or recieved by the correct recipient, printing out the message. Spies must determine the keyword before discovered while villagers race against time before the spies identify each other. Pochemuchka was a team game completed over the course of a month.

Grave Shadows - A third person mystery adventure game exploring different noir tropes, primarily shadows. Equipped with the ability to merge into their own shadow, the player must navigate puzzles, avoid guards, collect evidence, and identify the leader of a dangerous crime syndicate before it's too late. Grave Shadows was completed over 6 months with a team of 6. I was the sole artist and producer. Grave Shadows was a finalist in the 2019 E3 College Game Competition.

Heat Death of the Universe - A short experience playing with discovering platforms through different particle emitters. Created over the course of 3 weeks, Heat Death of the Universe has limited art and programming, with the majority of development time spent on level design, puzzle design, and creating the unique emitter system.